8 Wedding Venues in the U.S.

When planning a wedding, there’s a lot to think about: The dress, the food, the ceremony, the guests, the reception, the transportation, the hotels, the … need I go on? Sometimes, the so-called “best day of your life” can seem more like a marathon sprint—in stilettos! But what if you could find a venue that covered all the bases for you?

Grand Banks (New York, NY)

Because an hour raw bar is best enjoyed at sea. This antique wooden sailboat has enough old-world charm to transport you to a small coastal town in Maine. The kicker? It’s actually docked in the heart of downtown Manhattan.

The Blacksmith Shop At The Yards (Albuquerque, NM)

With its vaulted steel ceilings, yellow-and-blue stained glass windows and floors inlaid with old train tracks, this historic railroad workshop reads equal parts majestic cathedral and über-cool industrial warehouse.

The New Children’s Museum (San Diego, CA)

Why not swap a carpeted aisle for a poured concrete staircase and an altar for a dramatic backdrop of contemporary art? This clean, modern museum is the perfect venue for the thoroughly modern bride..

Alderbrook Station (Astoria, Oregon)

Perched on stilts above a protected lagoon on the Columbia River, this former fishing shed boasts whitewashed wood interiors, low-beamed ceilings, nets and buoys as decor and, best of all, serene natural views.

New Orleans Museum (New Orleans, LA)

Leave it to NOLA to transform the apothecary of America’s first licensed pharmacist into a charming wedding venue. Inside, hand-blown apothecary bottles, medicinal herbs and voodoo potions line the walls, but the lush courtyard out back is the real draw.

Cheekwood (Nashville, Tennessee)

For a slice of Europe right in the heart of Tennessee, consider this sprawling, 55-acre botanical garden, which was modeled after the oldest known surviving botanical garden in Padua, Italy. Stone-lined terraces, sculptural fountains, fanciful flowerbeds and a whole lotta wow factor abound.

Tarrytown House

In order to have the elegant but vintage-style wedding she’d always wanted, Irvington native Emily Mills initially thought she’d have to look miles away in upstate New York. But when her mother suggested she and fiance Micah Johnson take a peek around her own backyard, she discovered the Tarrytown House—and fell in love.

Overlooking the Hudson River Valley, the 26-acre property contains two stone-façades, 19th-century buildings.

Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa

When a couple meets at a wedding and then embarks on a courtship that ends in a wedding of their own, does it make their big day just a little bit more special? This is the sort of question one could pose to Katie and Sharmilan Rayer, who caught each other’s eyes during a friend’s nuptials and later jumped the broom across the pond at Milton’s Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa.